Thursday, March 11, 2010

Curtain Skirt

On Saturday I went to Target with Heather to get curtains for her new apartment.

After putting up the new black and white curtains I didn't want to waste the ugly old curtain.

Heather gave me permission to make clothes out of it so...

here's some photos of what I made out of it:

Nis made a snowflake out of the cutout from the center of the circle skirt, so I put it onto the skirt.

Here it is in actual color:

I finished the seams with bias binding

Then I wore this outfit to Origami night on Tuesday.

I managed to make a pretty successful llama:

and Jonah made an amazing spaceship and cosmonaut:

and I wore a lot of bunny ears!


1 comment:

  1. Hey! Isn't Target as corporately wrong as Walmart? I've never been to either so I'm just guessing...its like a super Tesco vs an ultra Asda, right?

    Recycling Rachael shall be your DC comic name, very nice!

    and mutated bunny rabbit, scary ;_; ahahaha!