Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lots of Little Things

I've been busy working on some projects lately, but I've also taken the time to attend a few events.

I attended the Cornell Fashion Show a week or so ago. I found a few pieces interesting, but didn't come out of it feeling inspired or anything. I didn't get any fantastic pictures of the show, but here's a couple that were ok:

Very few of the clothes looked like they were made to be worn on a runway, but I was impressed when I heard that this show was all extracurricular. I can't imagine going to school full time and putting together a fashion collection as large as some of these students did in my spare time.


I also went to New York City to see the Tim Burton Exhibition at the MoMA. Photography was not allowed in the actual exhibition, but there was a great stripey wall there that was ideal for taking photos in front of.

Here are some photos of the exhibition that I found online:

One of my favorite pieces was this carousel. It was displayed in a room lit by black light and all the parts spun around and were mechanically functional.

They also had the original Edward Scissorhands costume there! It was so amazing to see up close! It was constructed out of so many pieces and a variety of materials. The scissorhands were also amazing to see up close and try to understand how they work and how they were constructed. Behind Edward is the cape from Sleepy Hollow, which was also very impressive. It looked so old and battered like it really did belong to a demon.

They also had a replica of the topiary from Edward Scissorhands' garden. It was gorgeous!

There was SO MUCH in the exhibition! It was really overwhelming and was not helped by the fact that there were hundreds of people there. It was really difficult to see anything, but I tried to at least get a look at everything there and only spent large amounts of time with the pieces I was most impressed by.

There are a lot of interesting videos of/about Tim Burton and about the exhibition at the exhibtion's website:


I've also made a few more origami guys:

A swan from last week.

This weeks dragon

And a little gnome guy sitting on my mints.

I wonder if there are any Tim Burton themed origami instructions in the world? That would be fun!

The project I've been working on the most this week is a new duct tape dress. My first in 6 years!

Here's some progress shots:

It's not done yet. After I finish the dress I'm going to make some leggings to go with it. I'll put pictures up when the outfit is complete.

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