Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stencils and kirigami

I've been making lots of stencils lately!

Here's a few of the prints I've made from some of them:

This one is a stencil of Joao Ruas' painting, Haunted #20:

(Printed with eye shadow)


Last week at origami night very little origami was made. Heather had brought a page-a-day calendar of kirigami that we all took part in cutting out:

(Mine is the red one on the left)

And I learned how to put spokes on a bike wheel:

Origami night was full of new things and surprises last week. Someone brought a durian fruit and several people had their first durian experience there. I'm still too scared of that thing. Hopefully origami tonight will be full of fun craftiness and surprises as well!

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