Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Start

I started working on new pieces this weekend. Here's the first of what I was working on:

It's the jacket version of the blouse from the Black and White collection. The jacket is made out of organic cotton sateen with silk lining.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a while since I posted. I've been sick for the past month. Now I'm feeling better and ready to get back to work.

Almost everything I've done since the Black and White Collection last year has been commission work, so I'm really looking forward to designing and making a new collection soon. If all goes well I'll debut the collection at a fashion show at the end of the year!

Here are pictures of some things I've worked on lately

This is the most recent dress I've made. The black fabric and lace are organic cotton and the white stripes are hemp silk. The design is one of the dresses from the Black and White Collection, but in reverse colors and with a few nice differences like pockets.

I made this maternity top as a quick, fun, little break from the dress above, as a birthday present for a friend. It is made out of organic cotton that I had left over from working for Katherine Hamnett.

I made a jacket for my mom, but I don't have any finished pictures of it. Here is a picture of me fitting the muslin mock up to her.

This is a dress from last year, that I wanted to get more pictures of, but never did. It was a commission for Kate who recently had a baby. The specifications were to make it able to open in front for breastfeeding, machine washable and also an added Kindle pocket.

I dealt with the open front by putting several magnets in each front panel, and a metal ball chain in the middle, for the magnets to stick to. That way the front and back panels can be interchangeable to meet her needs.