Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alexander McQueen exhibition

Yesterday I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It was the best fashion exhibition I've ever been to!

Every item there was gorgeous! It was so wonderful to be able to see all the details that photos never pick up. Like all the lines in his tailoring and all the bead work and embroidery. The above picture is of a dress made out of duck feathers painted gold over dozens of layers of tulle with gold thread embroidery.

Once again I had the feeling of there never being a chance of me making clothes as expensive as these. There were quotes to go along with some of the outfits. The quote for the dress above was "When we put the antlers on the model and then draped over it the lace embroidery that we had made, we had to poke them through a £2000 piece of work. But then it worked because it looks like she's rammed the piece of lace with her antlers. There's always spontaneity. You've got to allow for that in my shows." Each of his dresses is absurdly expensive to create, but from my research, I have a better idea of how he was funded and how long it took his company to break even due to his uncompromising perfectionist vision, so I feel slightly more comfortable with the expense of his dresses than I did with Capucci.

They also had video of many of his shows displayed. He always put on interesting conceptual shows.

The show was really amazing, inspiring and worth seeing. Go see it! It's on till August 7th 2011.
The book is also worth getting- Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. It has photos of every item in the show, with details and stills from the fashion shows.


  1. This actually hurts my heart! AMAZING.

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