Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roberto Capucci exhibition

On Tuesday I went to the Roberto Capucci exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

He's an Italian couturier who has been designing for about 60 years. He started out showing collections and having his designs reproduced to sell in stores, but eventually got tired of the fashion calendar and mass production.

He started making one of a kind, amazing, luxurious sculpture dresses and showing them on his own schedule. He has been working that way for decades now.

His system is similar system to how I aspire to work and seeing someone be truly successful at it was inspiring.

Although his work did seem so expensive to make, that it was a little depressing to me that I can't afford to make dresses like his. Some dresses had about 50 different colors of silk intricately sewn together and pleated. I'm glad they exist.

The exhibition is only on till June 5th 2011, but if you are in Philadelphia, I highly recommend seeing it. The book of the exhibition, Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion, has pristine photos of all the dresses and detail shots. Anyone interested in sculptural fashion should look at it.

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