Monday, October 31, 2011

Living Doll House video

Living Dolls wearing Rachael Reichert clothes inside a life size dollhouse constructed out of recycled materials. 

When women wear Rachael Reichert dresses they are transformed. Creating this installation is my way of expressing the contrast between women in plainclothes and women in my clothes. I am comparing my models to dolls, objects made to be perfect expressions of female beauty that spend their lives pristinely made up and wearing gowns. The deeper understanding of this exhibition is that fashion can be a vessel for transformation and escapism without being a crude costume.

Models: Virtual Defect, Leslie Ford, Mia Bink, Liz Leidenfrost, Athena Alexandria

Filmed by Jonah Wanagel

Set by Amanda Mulholland, Jill Wanagel, Chris Haskell

Music- "Rugla" by Amiina

Filmed on October 7th, 2011, at Delilah's Lounge, Ithaca, NY


  1. That's excellent, Rachael! The whole exhibition came together really well. You have an unmistakable style - and the attention to detail... I am impressed!