Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goddess Corset Collection

Modeled by Virtual Defect, Athena Alexandria, Leslie Ford and Heather MacNeill
Photos by Jonah Wanagel
Hair and Makeup by Jessica Wasilenko

Corset Show Photos

Thank you to everyone who came to the fashion show last weekend! It was a magical event! Here are a few photos from the performance:

 The concept behind the show and collection was double layered. 

On top the collection is inspired by and dedicated to my imaginary Goddesses: Muse, Memory and Manifestation. Each outfit belongs to one of the Goddesses. 
Muse's outfits have clever design details and are reminiscent of modern corsets that inspire me. 
Memory's outfits are historically inspired and utilize the most beading and traditional corset embroidery. 
Manifestation's outfits have sculptural details and transcend beyond the form of conventional corsets. 
Each outfit is an offering to the Goddesses.

The other layer is introspective. 
The performance was an allegory of what it is like for me to make the collection and put on the show.
I sacrifice myself to to the Goddesses for the collection and the show and with the completion of the project, I am reborn.
This show was a creative visual representation of the emotional process of producing the collection; A rendering of the creative process.
The outfits are what bloom from my sacrifice.