Thursday, February 28, 2013

Current Social Media

I am never very good at taking time away from making clothes to post on the internet, but I am trying to do a bit more of that so that the public can see my process and have a better idea of what projects I'm working on. So if you want to keep up with me in one way or another, here are a few way:

I just joined Instagram! Follow me to see what I'm working on at the studio.

 Facebook is the best place to find out about upcoming events as well as see pictures from all my collections and fashion shows.

Whenever I have new items for sale, Etsy is the place to find them. You can also follow me on Etsy to see all the other treasure I find on the site.

 Spoonflower is where to find my print design work. A few of the designs are even for sale.

 Tumblr has a huge amount of photos of my work! Follow me to stay up to date with the photos I post.

 I just started using Twitter. I might decide I hate it and stop using it. But for now I will give it a try.

It is kind of overwhelming to juggle them all, but I understand each one has it's own function and people have preferences of what kind of news they want and in what format. Each one has it's own unique raison d'etre. 

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