Friday, February 22, 2013

Spoonflower Bats and Typewriters

At Central Saint Martins I got my degree in Fashion Print, but prints aren't something you see much of in my work anymore. That's largely due to not having a print room in Ithaca. I do still design prints sometimes, and I am trying to start using printed fabric in my designs again. So I've been investigating Spoonflower for getting digital prints. They make the process really easy! And they even have organic cotton as one of the options for printing on! I feel sad about the loss of the process of printing by hand, which I always loved. But I still hand screenprint all my labels, so the process is not entirely lost. Anyway, here are some pictures of prints I've worked on recently:

Around Halloween I designed this bat print and had enough printed to make this dress (which is available on Etsy). The print itself is available to buy on Spoonflower.

 This print is a manipulated photo of sand

Yes, that is me, doing a ribbon dance with the typewriter ribbon and spilling letters everywhere. I know I'm not supposed to, I just couldn't help it. This print is available to buy on Spoonflower too!

And this is a special sneak peek of a circuitry print design for the upcoming collection!

To see more of my print design work check out the Rachael Reichert website and my Spoonflower portfolio.

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