Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pay What You Want Sample Sale Party!

This weekend I will be having a sample sale fundraising party at my studio! The funds will go towards making my upcoming sci-fi themed fashion collection and related short film.

Clothes from my past three collections will be available to buy. The format of the sale is pay-what-you-want (as long as the price you offer is at least as much as it cost me to make it). Along with the clothes I’ve made, there will also be vintage and second hand clothes and accessories for sale as pay-what-you-want with a minimum of $5. Cash, check and PayPal will be accepted.

Coinciding with my real life sale will also be an online sale! Items on my Etsy store marked “SAMPLE SALE” will be available to buy as pay-what-you-want, if you message me with the price you want to pay.

The event at the studio will be the first chance to see a preview of clothing from the upcoming collection on display.

If you want to help fund the new collection without buying clothes, I will also be accepting donations and there will be several optional reward tiers for donors:

1. $5 Get onto the donor email list with exclusive previews of the collection
2. $10 A personalized thank you card, and previous reward.
3. $20 Be among the first to read my Sci-fi story that the new collection is based on (digital copy), and previous rewards.
4. $30 Get a digital download of some of the songs I listen to while sewing, and previous rewards.
5. $40 A ticket to the fashion show event this Summer, and previous rewards.
6. $60 A DVD of the short fashion film, and previous rewards.
7. $100 A bound book of photos of the collection, and previous rewards.
8. $300 An item of your choice from the collection up to $300 in value, and previous rewards.
9. $500 An item of your choice from the collection up to $500 in value, and rewards 1-7.
10. $700 An item of your choice from the collection, or two items equaling up to $700 in value, and rewards 1-7.

If you want to donate, but can’t make it to the studio this weekend, I am also accepting donations via PayPal, and will soon have a page set up for that.

But everyone who is able should come to the studio this weekend! It will be fun times and pretty clothes and delicious snacks! What could be better?!

141 The Commons, 2nd floor, Ithaca, NY, USA
Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th March 2013

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