Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teaching How To Make A Duct Tape Bag

Recently I've taught a few classes of middle school children how to make duct tape bags. For anyone who doesn't know me, I should explain that I used to have a business in high school selling duct tape bags, wallets, flowers and clothes. My collection of duct tape garments that I made for high school art class was even sponsored by 3M. I haven't been as active with the tape designs in the past few years, but this foray back to tape has been really fun!

The teaching experience has been rewarding each time. All of their bags turned out so successfully. Everyone had their own creative ideas of how they wanted their bags to look or function. It was great to set them to a task and have everyone come out of the class having successfully made a cool looking bag that they can use.

I feel that teaching the next generation of kids that cool and useful things can be made out of household items is an important lesson. The world is so consumer driven, I want to throw more makers into the mix! I am such a compulsive maker; it is often difficult for me understand the actions of people on the other end of the spectrum. If more people have the basic knowledge or instinct of how to create things for themselves, I would feel much more comfortable in society. People could be more self sufficient and many more creative ideas would come to fruition. More people would know the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with creating something, there would be less demand for mass produced junk and creative expression could flourish! Making duct tape bags is a good first step. It is fairly easy, very accesible and highly customizable. 

I made detailed instructions for how to make this style of bag for the class. Now that the classes are complete, I though I would share! So, here is a link to the Duct Tape Bag Instructions! There are a lot of photos, so it might take a little while to load. This is the most simple, basic bag design; I would recommend that if you want your bag to be able to carry a lot of weight, you should reinforce all of the seams and stress points with extra tape.


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