Monday, August 19, 2013

Get Me To My Exhibition!

The Fiber Optic Corset Dress from my new CyBelle Horizon Collection is going to be featured in the exhibition of the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Zurich! (Visit my website for more info about the dress). The conference is from September 9th-12th. My dress is one of only 14 pieces accepted into the juried exhibition.

I'm super excited about it and would really like to safely deliver and set up the dress in person, but the flights are very expensive. I need some help affording them. Some of my friends have donated to my travel fund already, and $1040 of the $1152 flight cost has been raised (as of 11pm 8/22). Please help me reach my goal, so I can get to the exhibition! The deadline for reaching the goal is this weekend (August 25th). Donations of any amount, small or large, are welcome. If you are local in Ithaca, you can make a cash donation to me. Or donate money online here:

Thank you for any assistance you can give! Every dollar helps! I will try to put together a party for all the donors when I return!

Here is a video of the dress:

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