Saturday, September 28, 2013

CyBelle Horizon- Sci Fi Fashion Film

My short film, CyBelle Horizon is available to watch online now!

Described by SWP of Trebuchet Magazine as a "liberating narrative which involves sexy girls, a strange robot and a discreet amount of blood".

The project started in January 2013 when I wrote the story. I then created the fashion collection, based on the story. When the clothes were finished, my friends and I made the short film. It is a no budget, labor of love. I hope you all enjoy it!

Half fashion film, half sci-fi narrative, CyBelle Horizon is the story of a cyborg girl in the near future. The short film features all of the clothes from Rachael Reichert's 2013 fashion collection, including the much praised Fiber Optic Corset Dress. This glimpse into a stylish future explores consequences of society's obsession with technology as it follows a cyborg girl's stream of consciousness while she contemplates her technical enhancements.
Clothes by Rachael Reichert
Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Rachael Reichert
Staring- No Name, Athena Alexandria, Heather MacNeill, Abram Connelly
Director of Photography- Jonah Wanagel
Music- Diogenes in Hell
Makeup- Jessica Wasilenko
Robot Design- Uni Perez
Fiber Optic Electronics- Zero Crossing LLC, James Knight, Lisa Cifaldi, Keith Connelly
Location- Urban Core LLC

DVDs with extras and a comic book of CyBelle Horizon are both available on my Etsy store.

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