Friday, September 20, 2013

Tour Photos

Here are photos from my exhibition in Zurich and my screening in London, as well as other photos from the trip.

Next to my dress was a high heeled guitar shoe. There were a lot of other interesting items in the exhibition as well.

 There was an H.R. Giger cube in the hall in front of the exhibition.

 The video of the fiber optic corset dress was projected on the wall of the exhibition in rotation with the rest of the videos from the exhibition.

The other designers from the exhibition were all great!

The campus had lots of interesting features, like this pretty courtyard and cool mural.

I went exploring in Zurich when I got the chance.

 The people I was staying with made a huge, gorgeous dinner on my first night in Zurich.

I happened upon a beautiful cemetery with lovely carvings and sculptures.

I went on a long forest walk on my last day. There was a beautiful view of the city from the edge of the forest.

My show in London was at Orbital Comics. It was a fun place to have a show!

Then I got to go up to the North of England to visit my friend Ellen at her gorgeous home!

And I visited the site of my old university, which is now being turned into lofts. Very surreal.

There are more pictures that I posted along the way on my Instagram.

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