Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Corset Lacing Tutorial

This is the way that I thread all the laces into the corsets I make. If you want to replace the laces on your Rachael Reichert Corset or remove your floating modesty panel, this is the way to relace the corset.

Start by tying a loop at the middle point of the laces to keep each side even.

Thread both of the top holes from the inside to the outside.

Thread each of the rest of the holes from outside to inside until you get to the waist. I thread the right lace to the left first, then the left lace to the right.

At the waist, where you can feel the waist tape, you create the 'bunny ears' by skipping one hole, then threading from inside to outside. 

Go back up to the skipped hole and thread it from outside to inside.

The 'bunny ears' will be the way to easily tighten and tie at the waist when lacing yourself into the corset.

At the next hole, return to the right to left, outside to inside pattern until the last hole at the bottom.

At the last hole thread from the inside to the outside.

Then you can tie a bow and undo the top knot! You're done!

This is the method used in most Rachael Reichert Corsets, but there are many more ways to lace a corset. Feel free to experiment with other lacing patterns.